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Every year when the big games rolls around your friends are usually talking about where to watch it, and they always seem to skip your house. Your cramped living room with 3 small chairs and that weird, purple ottoman thing isn’t really the best option for hosting a party. But, you do have an unfinished basement. Finishing a basement could provide more living space for things like entertaining, or just convincing your kids the house isn’t haunted.

Many new homes are built with unfinished basements. Home owners buy these houses with the hopes of turning their unused subterranean space into an extra living area for their family. Tackling an unfinished basement can be a complicated endeavor. Designing the space, framing walls, running plumbing, and routing electrical all require extensive experience and skill to complete. Don’t leave this project in just anyone’s hands. We have years of experience finishing basements, helping homeowners turn unused space into hot spots of the home.

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